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Biography of Co - Pastor Jacquelyn Powell
Embracing the call to go and preach Christ to all the nations of the world!

PastorsJacquelyn Elaine Cole was born and raised in Springfield, Massachusetts where she graduated in 1969 from Technical High School and later attended Springfield Technical Community College.
She attended Faith Baptist Church on Oak Street, in Springfield, MA where she not only gave her life to the Lord, but also remain a faithful member from her early childhood until her marriage to the then, Elder Hubert Powell, Jr. She has been blissfully married for the past 38 years and is the loving mother of three sons: Kevin, William and Hubert Powell III. Her family later grew and she embraced her two daughter-in-laws, Denise and Joi Powell, and was blessed with six grandchildren: Diamond, Tamia, Zoe, Cadence, Madison, and the latest addition, Hubert Powell IV.
Pastoral Experience:

Pastor Jackie, as she is so often affectionately called, has worked diligently and faithfully alongside her husband, Pastor Hubert Powell, at Latter Rain Ministry for the past 26 years. Pastor Hubert Powell also feels that God has favored her life at this time and he has released her to freely do the will and work of God.

Pastor Hubert is a prolific and dynamic preacher in his own right and they are a great compliment to each other in ministry. He has constantly urged her to do all and be all that she can be for the Lord.

I must take this time to celebrate and honor my wonderful Husband and thank him for releasing me to walk through the doors that the Lord has opened for me. I am blessed to have shared these past thirty nine years with him. We have experienced many seasons in God and I know the Lord still has many great things in store for us. God is truly amazing and he continues to blow my mind. I am committed to seek after the will of God and walk in the plan that he has for my life. I thank God for taking me through every season of my life, marriage, motherhood and ministry up to this present moment and for a mate who has encouraged me to be all I can for the Lord.
Jacquelyn Powell

marriagePastor Jackie presently serves as Co - Pastor and administrator of Latter Rain Church where she oversees and serves in various areas of the ministry. She unrelentingly serves God through powerful and dynamic preaching, performing various ceremonies (such as weddings, funerals, & christenings), counseling members of all ages, participating in food and cloth drives for the community and teaching bible study weekly.

In 1994, she established a monthly women's fellowship that has been hailed as a blessing and inspiration to women of all ages. As a model to the female members, Pastor Jackie has devoted her time to heighten awareness of women that it is God's desire for them to live enriched and healthy lives through his Word. Pastor Jackie also provides educational material on the importance of taking care of the temple (body) via exercise, diet, and healthy habits. Her meticulous attentions to the specific needs of women have led to seminars regarding relationships, child-rearing behaviors and being productive members of society. Pastor Jackie's message to women that "God has a plan for your life", has inspired many women to go back to finish their education, become entrepreneurs, and become active participants in church ministry by completing successful projects and services for the church and nearby community.





International Ministry:

The anointed ministry of Pastor Jacquelyn Powell has been embraced by various cultures, races, and genre. Pastor Jackie believes that God has prepared her for this season to minister to the people of God, to motivate, inspire and empower them to go to the next level and on to their destiny. She has toured the country of Japan while extensively ministering in the Word and music. She and her husband have touched the lives of people to the glory of God to the point that she has been invited and traveled to Japan for the last 16 years. In 2005, the call of mission on her life was further realized when Pastor Jacquelyn was invited to Ivory Coast, West Africa and was blessed to conduct two, three-day crusades. The people were blessed and God gave her much favor and assignment there. She has traveled back to Africa for the past six years and is currently involved in mission work and mentoring both men and women in Africa and Japan. During her trip in 2008, she was honored as a prophetess and minister to the nation.

motivationalHer international ministry has also been blessed and recognized that she has been invited to Paris, France where she ministered the word during a Crusade for the organization "Mission for Christ".

In Guyana, South America she preached, sang, and assisted in the conference.

In addition to her international ministry she continues to preach, sing and conduct seminars in various cities throughout this country. She has participated in the Women of Color Expo in November 2011 and has participated in the Brianna Fund.

music notes



Music Ministry:

Pastor Hubert and Jacquelyn Powell still have a great love for God's anointed music and have received numerous awards and nominations for their contributions to gospel music. Pastor Hubert Powell has several CDs to his credit and he is a two-time "Stellar Award" nominee. In addition Pastor Jackie and Pastor Hubert count themselves to be tremendously blessed because their gifts and talents have been extended to their three sons.  By the grace of God all of them are accomplish musicians and are known throughout this country and internationally.  

For years we have been enjoying the music ministry of Pastor Jackie and we thank God for her first CD entitled "Right on Time" which was released October 2004. Pastor Jackie also sang a song with Pastor J.P. Morgan Jr. of Springfield, Massachusetts on his recent 2006 CD release
"In His Own Time" and in November of 2006 she began work on her second project in a live recording session at "Latter Rain Christian Fellowship". Pastor Jacquelyn is currently working on her next recorded project, and there has been much anticipation on this upcoming release.




Pastor Jackie has been blessed to contribute two writings in the Northend Agent Newspaper. Her thoughts and wisdom are currently being written in an honest and inspiring upcoming book, "A Time of Fruition". Her thought provoking message being written in this book is being anticipated to continue to inspire and lead people to have a relationship with God. An excerpt from her upcoming book "Never Forget" has been made available in this website. It shows that this woman of God is here to encourage all to be what God has plan for them.


loving GrandmotherCo- Pastor Jacquelyn Powell, the Person:

Although Pastor Jackie is very busy in her ministry, she tirelessly and happily provides time for her husband, children, congregation and anybody in need. She has always stressed to people of all age that she is available, and many children, have fondly referred to her as "Mamma G" and "Mom" because of her nurturing and unbiased love towards them. Despite the mistakes or turns that one makes, Pastor Jackie continues to amaze many with her open arms and patient attitudes. She is not judgmental and many young and old are amazed on how she continues to smile and encourage others that God loves and accepts us despite our shortcoming. She takes the time to know all her members and her phone is always available to those who need comforting, communication and counseling. Pastor Jackie has inspired and modeled unconditional love and is a mentor to men and women of all ages.


"It is so funny to think that when your plate is seemingly already full that God can add another entree"





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