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Never Forget -







"Never Forget"

We" can never join the ranks of those who would like to wipe our history out of every book and out of everyone's minds if they could.
We enjoy so many things everyday and most days we don't think about the journey that brought us here.
A journey that began with a forced departure from the shores of Africa.

Most of us exist today because of a man or a woman "slave" who survived that journey and stepped off of a ship on American soil or on another shore somewhere in this world.

Who we are and where we came from is truly beautiful, but the journey that brought us here is a very hard reality and it will always be difficult to reflect on,
Yet we must "never forget".
The continued suffering of our ancestors after reaching these shores can never be denied. But we recognize that they were a people who were "fearfully and wonderfully made". Because of this they survived and persevered and therefore "we" will not be stopped. Don't put your head in the ground and please don't put your nose too far up in the air For to forget would be a terrible mistake. Our young people must know who they are and where they came from because the devil sees the King and the Queen in them.

For it is the same royal nature and swagger he sought to destroy in our ancestors Our youth must prepare to come forward now and they must not labor with false understanding For they will continue to manifest who we are as long as they "never forget' We thank God for those who rose up in an attempt to bring us dignity down through the years. Some sacrificed and gave their lives therefore we must "never forget" After so many have sacrificed to pave the way and bring about change the question remains Have things really changed? Is there equality? Though it is unspoken and some try to be politically correct many still foster the same hatred and the nice-nasty undertone is so thick even today.

We are thankful to serve a God who knows no racial barriers in him and through him We can do "all things" We know who we are in him and we can rejoice because he knows our name and he loves us With this knowledge of our history though difficult it may be We accept God's grace and his mandate to love everyone as he loves us As we go forward in this world, we will not go in bitterness but with understanding whereas the scripture says: You meant evil against me "but God" meant it unto good, to bring to pass, as it is this day, to save much people alive Gen 50:20. Let us all be motivated by the history of our race and let us celebrate the promises of a great God. "Never forget" Written By Jacquelyn Powell





Inspirational Testimonies
Embracing the call to go and preach Christ to all the nations of the world!











Pamela Younger

I have known Co-Pastor Jackie Powell for over 20 years. She is a lady of integrity and a real true friend. I have traveled many years with her and watched her minister the same way over she does at home.

Each time she ministry to God's people I see the Lord taking her to another level in ministry as she preaches the word.

Not only does she inspire me to live for the Lord like the Bible says but, always look your best.

I see what she does for God's people it's from her heart. What I love most is that Co-Pastor Jackie is a truthful and a down to earth person.


Pamela Younger





Co- Pastor Jacquelyn Powell is an amazing and passionate woman of GOD. She is the true definition of a phenomenal woman and she shows her beauty inside out with everything that she does.

She loves unconditionally without doubtfulness and without negativity. She is the type that is often imitated but can never be duplicated because of her realness and faithfulness. She will tell you like it is while showing great integrity (even if you are wrong). Pastor Jackie still loved me and always wants the best for you. She is a woman who shows great integrity. Her gracefulness and elegance displays what a real woman is all about. She shows style and class no matter what the occasion is. When you see the appreciation and affection she show her husband, you know that true love exist. Her family and Church family are very important to her and she sincerely loves each and every one of us. She is one of the strongest people I know and I thank God for letting me be a part of her life.

She is like a mother to me and when I felt like I wasn't good enough, she embraced me like a mother would. Best of all, she let me know she loves me in spite of what I was feeling about myself. She reminded me of my strength within and told me not to let the devil win. She saw right through my pain and hurt and let me know she wasn't going to stop praying for me. She helped me through a trying time and like Jesus, she didn't write me off. She prayed with me and for me, she listened to my dreams and goals. Everything is possible through Christ Jesus. I have great admiration for her spirituality, strength, and humbleness. I hope that I am able to touch as many lives as she does every day. I love my Co Pastor to life. I am truly inspired by her and blessed to have such a remarkable person in my life.




Tebily Achile Aubin


Greetings to the people of God,
The pleasure is mine today to have a chance to speak to you about Co Pastor Jacquelyn Powell. Since the year 2005, she has been coming to Ivory Coast and I want to give a little testimony about what I know concerning her. First of all, she is a great woman of resources, and she gives back with much emotion what GOD has put in her as a preacher. Any time she comes here ,we are never ready to let her go back to the United States, because she knows how to touch people's heart, not only in preaching ,but also in sharing whatever material things she brings along with her. Pastor Jackie share so much and I think I should mention that her fault is that she has such a large heart of sharing, and I hope it never becomes a problem.

I don't know a lot about ministry, but I think she may be a prophetess, because after her departure, so many prophesies that she gave were accomplished and their accomplishment are a subject of great joy in the hearts of many of our people who still claim her to come always. We love Co Pastor Jacquelyn Powell and we bless GOD for such a woman. May the good Lord add to her ministry and may He supply the need of her heart, and may God bless the entire church.

Tebily Achile Aubin
Abidjan, Ivory Coast
West Africa



Dr. Franck Kouadio, MD


Cote-d'Ivoire, my country, has been seriously damaged by the political crisis which ended by a war in 2011. Many people lost their lives, jobs, houses, joy, health, etc. The country is trying to recover right now. People here need to feel true love and need help from our precious Lord Jesus.

That project lead by Pastor Jacquelyn Powell will absolutely meet the needs of our people here. It's a great project since it shall give the opportunity to many Ivoirians to receive free medical consultations and medicines. I give my total support to it.

May God bless Pastor Jacquelyn Powell for her love toward my country.

Dr. Franck Kouadio, MD
Cocody Teaching Hospital
Associate Pastor at Living Foundation International Church
Abidjan, Ivory Coast -West Africa




Wesley & Delores Wright


My wife and I have been members of Latter Rain Ministries for over 20 years each and have grown spiritually under Pastor Jackie's leadership. She is a woman of integrity and wisdom who is led by the Lord in everything she does. We have watched her down through the years as the Lord has transitioned her in ministry to preach his word in the United States as well as in other countries.

Her love for the people of God has led her on a mission to teach as well as preach God's word to better the people in their daily lives and in their walk with the Lord. We both can honestly say that she's a role model to the members of Latter Rain as well as the body of Christ at large.
Wesley & Delores Wright

West Hartford, CT



Octavia Samone Hall


I have known Pastor Jackie since I came to the church with my mother and sisters about 7 years ago. Since I been going to church, and listening to Pastor Jackie, I have learned a lot about God and being saved. Pastor Jackie taught me that if you have faith and love God, then you can do anything in church. One of the biggest things I noticed is that if I pray, then God hears you and will answer your prayer. Pastor Jackie always tells us to keep praying until you see things. I used to be in special education and was having lots of trouble learning in school. Once I started praying, I noticed some improvements. I went from having lots of hard things, to now an honor student. This year, before school started, I wrote a letter to God and told him that I wanted to do well in school. I made high honors and I join some plays and play sports in school. Even my friends tell me that I am nicer and friendlier.

The best part of Pastor Jackie is that she loves me and my sister and even surprised me when she came to my birthday party. She also taught me to look like a young lady and always make sure that you are nicely dressed. I think I can be a respectable Christian lady because of what I see from Pastor Jackie. I also noticed that my mother talks a lot about God and loves to go to church. Pastor Jackie helped made me a better person and I love her very much.


Octavia Samone Hall, 14 years old

Bloomfield, CT


Edmond Tiede


Then I heard the voice of the Lord, saying, "Whom shall I send and who will go for us" and Co-Pastor Jacquelyn Powell said, "here am I, send me". And He said, "Go and tell my people". She went to Abidjan when people were so afraid of war and prayed for peace. Today, she returns again and she will continue to help accomplish the vision. A place of knowledge and information is part of the vision and this project will bear her name and will represent to God's people that Co-Pastor Jacquelyn Powell is an example and woman that God can use for the deliverance and instruction of God's people.
Edmond Tiede
Abidjan, Ivory Coast


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