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About EYD
Embracing the call to go and preach Christ to all the nations of the world!

leadrship conference

Pastor Jacquelyn has always taken her ministry seriously and feels it is a God given assignment to make a positive impact in the lives of others wherever she goes.

Her preaching and singing ministry has taken her to many places throughout the country and the world.
She has conducted revivals concerts leadership seminars women's fellowship conferences, motivational speaking and mentoring to both men and women.

Embracing Your Destiny Ministry is birthed out of her personal need to go after, cultivate and pursue the vision that God has spoken to her.

She realizes that people often have dreams and goals that are never manifested and they are sometimes intimidated by circumstances that seem overwhelming. youth  conference

The focus of this extension of her ministry is to encourage people not  to give up on what God has spoken or what he has shown them but inspire them to embrace it with fervor for it is important that we do not miss the timing of God nor the season in which he has designed to bless us. That we would go after our dreams, utilize the gifts he has equipped us with and fulfill our purpose and not have any stress or anxiety over unfinished assignments or missed opportunities in life.



Our Ministry News and Social Media
Latest events and information concerning the ministry


And unto all nations the gospel must first be preached. (Mark 13:10)


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To Represent God Through Compassion and Outreach

Network, training and mentoring opportunities.

Teaching people of all ages the importance of helping others.

Opening more doors into the community.

Loving others enough to notice their needs and find practical ways to help.


Internationally Increase funds to help with mission iniatives, people in need, AIDS etc.

International Health Fair Planning.

Short-term mission opportunities.

Encouraging widows and widowers and orphans.

We want to reach our community, our work place and the world.

Manifestation of the vision Center of Destiny ( La Centre de la Destinee) project.

A multipurpose facility to be an outreach

To enrich, restore and empower people into a productive place in their life.






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Donations / Contributions

Learn how you can partner with us in helping us fullfill the vision that God has given us TODAY!


If you would like to donate anything else to Embracing Your Destiny Ministries.
Please call or email us on our contact form or call us at (860) 597 3551.

Thank You for your contributions and may you reap a hundred
fold according to His riches in glory!

Booking Information

For Co-Pastor Jacquelyn Powell:
Evangelist Chantel Branch
(860) 830- 8480


Jude Hall
(860) 597 3551
P.O.BOX 2242
Hartford,CT. 06145